What's a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a great way for farmers and eaters to connect and form a relationship. Frog Hollow Farm delivers boxes of seasonal organic fruit from our Orchard in Brentwood, Ca or one of our organic Partner Farms, to one of our many Bay Area neighborhood pick up sites. These sites are often the front porch of a generous neighbor, or a school or business in the community. Joining our CSA provides the opportunity enjoy organic fruit delivered to your neighborhood while becoming more in tune with the seasons and getting to know the farm through our weekly newsletter and fun family-friendly farm events. By joining our CSA you are taking an active role in supporting a family run farm that is committed to environmental sustainability and to fostering community health.


How do I become a member, and how much does it cost?

We use the CSAWare software to manage our CSA and give members more control over their account. Members can place vacation holds, switch their pick-up location and Add-On Farm Kitchen items like fruit conserves, olive oil, baked goods and more to their fruit box through their online account.

To learn more about the fruit shares and to join, click here to check out the box sizes and payment options or call us for help at (925) 634-2845 option 4.

The cost for a Frog Hollow CSA share depends on three things: size, frequency, and membership option.


What’s in a Frog Hollow CSA box?

In the summer and fall, our members enjoy Frog Hollow’s legendary fruit, which throughout the harvest season includes cherries, apricots, plums and pluots, peaches, nectarines, apples, European pears, Asian pears and grapes. During the winter months when our orchard is largely dormant, organic fruit from other CA, family farms that share Frog Hollow’s community-centric values will find its way into the boxes to make sure members receive diverse, beautiful fruit boxes weekly. Winter boxes include a seasonal assortment of apples, citrus, kiwi, and avocado. Our Harvest Calendar displays what you can expect to receive in your box throughout the year.


CSA Member Testimonials

"Legendary fruit! When I bring fruit to an event it is always that few degrees riper, sweeter, more luscious than anyone else's. Also, it reduces the gamble of buying fruit at the store, what will be ripe and what won't. I know what I'm getting with your fruit and that I won't have waste factors of up to 50% from buying stuff that's never going to be in peak condition, due to either growing, picking or ripening factors."

Sarah C. - Oakland

"The fruit is so amazingly delicious! I also love that we can visit the farm occasionally to pick fruit or learn more. My kids think Farmer Al is their friend and love visiting "their" farm."

Sun L. - Santa Clara

"10 years ago, I realized my children never chose fruit as a snack.  Most of the supermarket fruit I brought home only revealed its bland, mealy taste in the first disappointing bite:  it looked good on the outside, but the inside was underwhelming.  After a while, the kids just stopped reaching for it.  By the end of our first CSA year, my kids were converts. I began to see them eating fruit routinely and monitoring ripening fruit on the counter so that they could "pounce" at just the peak of flavor. With this one simple adjustment,  my kids easily adopted the habit of eating more fresh produce.  Frog Hollow Farm has been a tremendous assist in moving us toward healthy eating, without requiring much effort on my part."

Jen W. -  Danville