Our Partner Growers & Producers

Although our orchards produce a wide variety of fruit, we do not have ripe fruit year round so we partner with other great California Certified Organic local farmers to bring you the best seasonal fruit in our off season.


Churchill - Brenneis Orchards

Ojai, CA
What they grow: Pixie Mandarins, Avocado
Certified Organic

Jim Churchill and Lisa Brenneis make up the husband/wife team behind Churchill-Brenneis Orchard in Ojai, California growing some of our favorite winter fruit.

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Hoover Ranch

Bethel Island, CA
What they produce: Chicken Eggs
Certified Organic & Certified Humane

Brothers-in-law Steve Hoover and Brent Miller started their certified organic pastured egg ranch about two years ago. The 600 acre ranch is located in Bethel Island, a quick 20 minutes from Frog Hollow.

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cuyama apple sq.jpg

Cuyama Orchards

New Cuyama, CA
What they grow: Apples
Certified Organic

Hidden away in the rugged corners of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Cuyama orchards grows certified organic apples.  


Chiechi Farm

Live Oak, CA
What they Grow: Kiwis
Certified Organic

Richard and Cindy Chiechi have been growing organic kiwis since 1986 in Live Oak, California after switching from conventional prune production.

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Twin Girls Farm

Cutler, CA
What they grow: Citrus
Certified Organic

Home to Nacho, his wife Casamira (Cassi) and their daughters Savannah, Christyna and Serena (the twins the farm was named after). Twin Girls Farm provides us with delicious fruit throughout the fall and winter months. 

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JW Farm

Watsonville, CA
What they grow: Strawberries
Certified Organic

In 2007 Estaban, a life long farmer, started JW Farms in Watsonville on 16 acres that have been organic since the get go.

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Miss Bee Haven Honey

Brentwood, CA
What she makes: Raw Honey

Kelly has over 100 hives across the bay area with over forty located in Frog Hollow Farms very own orchards. Meet Kelly at our CSA Member Spring Orchard Stroll!

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Olsen Organic Farm

Lindsay, CA
What they grow: Citrus & Avocado
Certified Organic

Ken Olsen started his 20 – acre orchard seventeen years ago in Lindsay, CA, at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Ken’s main crop is Clementine but he also grows navel oranges, blood oranges, & avocados.

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Smit Farm

Linden, CA
What they grow: Apples
Certified Organic

Paul’s family has been farming since 1969 on their land in Linden, CA. The farm was originally a dairy until the 1980’s when there was a massive surplus of milk and the government paid farmers not to milk for five consecutive years. 

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