Hoover Ranch


We are excited to introduce you to our new egg partner Hoover Ranch! Brothers-in-law Steve Hoover and Brent Miller started their certified organic pastured egg ranch about two years ago. The 600 acre ranch is located in Bethel Island, a quick 20 minutes from Frog Hollow. Steve’s Dad bought the land over 20 years ago, and until recently, it was primarily used for family recreation.

Previous to starting the egg operation, Steve worked as an assistant warehouse manager at Costco. He saw an ever increasing demand for organic products, and particularly staples like milk and eggs. During this time, both Steve and Brent’s households were making changes to their diets and incorporating more and more organic choices. Organic foods became a priority for their own families and they realized they could use their family resource of open land to produce quality organic foods for others. The Hoover Ranch was born.

Today about 25 acres of the land is used for their pastured egg production. The hens are provided with mobile chicken coops where they can roost and lay their eggs. Each Thursday, the hen houses are moved by tractor to fresh pasture where they can scratch, peck, and eat all the bugs and native grasses they please. As Certified Humane producers, Hoover Ranch provides structures for shade and play. It turns out chickens like to have some fun too. In every pasture large felled tree branches are incorporated so the hens have something to jump upon and climb under. Happy hens make tasty eggs!

Egg farming is keeping Brent and Steve very busy. Every day presents new challenges and learning opportunities as their business grows. They both love being their own bosses, having the opportunity to work outside everyday and that their families are so connected by the businesses. Their wives and kids come out to help collect eggs and farm fresh eggs are always on their weekly meal plans.