Jose Sandoval

Farm Kitchen Supervisor

Meet Jose Sandoval.  If you’ve enjoyed any of the goodies that come out of our Farm Kitchen, please thank Jose.  He’s our Farm Kitchen Manager and well loved on the farm.

Jose grew up in Michoacan, Mexico and came to the U.S. 28 years ago.  He’s been with Frog Hollow for 26 years!  His first job at the farm was working with Farmer Al in the Orchard harvesting fruit.  Jose worked out in the orchard for about four years. He demonstrated attention to detail, a quick head for numbers, and an excellent work ethic.  Farmer Al took note and moved him into the Packing Shed to become the Supervisor.

Jose spent 6 years as the Packing Shed Supervisor.  During this time, Becky was launching our Farm Kitchen products and needed help.  Jose’s time was divided between the packing shed and overseeing the staff for processing the fruit for dried fruit and conserves.  As the Farm Kitchen products met with increasing success and demand, Jose moved to the Farm Kitchen full time as Supervisor.

The Farm Kitchen is busy year-round making products, but summertime is the busiest.  Jose oversees a total staff of 34 people during peek harvest season.  The outside summer kitchen staff consists 18 people to process the fresh fruit for drying and 8 people to cut the fresh fruit for freezing.  The inside kitchen staff remains pretty constant year round at 8 people.  The inside kitchen crew makes our conserves, pastries, granola and does all the packing and labeling of the kitchen products.  All of our Farm Kitchen products are made by hand in small batches.  In addition to overseeing the staff, Jose is responsible for order fulfillment for all Farm Kitchen products. Orders come from several different market channels including CSA Add-Ons, mail order, Farmers Markets, our Ferry Building Café, and even some hotels.  Every Monday he does inventory, reviews orders and sets a work plan for fulfillment.

Jose is definitely a hands-on team player.  He loves making and eating our conserves! You will often find him stirring a batch of conserves because it’s his favorite thing to do in the Kitchen. He tastes every batch of conserves before it is placed into jars to ensure their deliciousness. His favorite conserve is the Blood Orange Strawberry followed closely by the Apricot.  His favorite peach is the Cal Red and favorite nectarine for fresh eating is the Fantasia, but he’s freezing as many as the Flavor Top nectarines as possible for conserves due to their beautiful colored flesh and sweet flavor.

Jose is an all around wonderful guy. He’s always joking and is really very funny.  His cool guy appearance with shaved head, sunglasses, and motorcycle adds character and dimension to our farm crew.  Best of all you can depend on Jose for everything, whether it is lending a very competent hand for events or an ear on a hard day.

Next time you order an Add-On and delight in its deliciousness, thank our own Jose Sandoval.