Fresh organic fruit.

From our farm to your table.


How it Works.

1. Pick a Size   Multiple box sizes available

1. Pick a Size

Multiple box sizes available

2. Pick a Plan   Choose payment plan & delivery frequency

2. Pick a Plan

Choose payment plan & delivery frequency

3. Choose pick-up location   Over 50 throughout the Bay Area

3. Choose pick-up location

Over 50 throughout the Bay Area

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 What's in a box?

Enjoy a seasonal selection of delightful organic fruit from our orchard or our organic partner farms. We work hard to hand select and grow varieties that produce amazing flavors and textures.

At Frog Hollow we have a strong commitment to sustainable production and operational practices, and to producing food that tastes like food is supposed to taste - delicious. We ask our members to embrace our values and partner with us in caring for our planet by choosing flavor over appearance.


Explore our Add-Ons.


Browse our hand made, small batch, artisan foods as Add-Ons to your fruit share.


About the Farm.

Frog Hollow Farm is home to legendary fruit, grown organically. We are committed to regenerative production and have been farming in the agricultural community of Brentwood, CA since 1976. Our Farmer Al was among the pioneers of the organic farming movement that starting gaining ground in the 1980s. We produce over 5,000 tons of compost a year, incorporate native habitat to foster beneficial insects and provide year round employment to over 30 people. Our CSA delivers to over 50 locations throughout the Bay Area.



See what our customers are saying

"Legendary fruit! When I bring fruit to an event it is always that few degrees riper, sweeter, more luscious than anyone else's. Also, it reduces the gamble of buying fruit at the store, what will be ripe and what won't. I know what I'm getting with your fruit and that I won't have waste factors of up to 50% from buying stuff that's never going to be in peak condition, due to either growing, picking or ripening factors."

Sarah C. - Oakland

"The fruit is so amazingly delicious! I also love that we can visit the farm occasionally to pick fruit or learn more. My kids think Farmer Al is their friend and love visiting "their" farm."

Sun L. - Santa Clara

"10 years ago, I realized my children never chose fruit as a snack.  Most of the supermarket fruit I brought home only revealed its bland, mealy taste in the first disappointing bite:  it looked good on the outside, but the inside was underwhelming.  After a while, the kids just stopped reaching for it.  By the end of our first CSA year, my kids were converts. I began to see them eating fruit routinely and monitoring ripening fruit on the counter so that they could "pounce" at just the peak of flavor. With this one simple adjustment,  my kids easily adopted the habit of eating more fresh produce.  Frog Hollow Farm has been a tremendous assist in moving us toward healthy eating, without requiring much effort on my part."

Jen W. -  Danville

Know where your food comes from.

Form a relationship with our farm. Enjoy our legendary fruit in your household today.