Francisco Garcia

Inventory Manager

Francisco Garcia is our super duper Inventory Manager. Francisco’s been with Frog Hollow for over 7 years. He started working in the packing shed loading and unloading boxes on the packing line. He was soon given the responsibility of making pallets of boxes for our wholesale accounts. As Francisco demonstrated his knack for organization, efficiency, and attention to detail, he took on more responsibilities in the packing shed.

Today he’s responsible for doing the log reports for the packing line (how long and how many people it took to pack a particular variety and quantity of fruit), organizing and packing the vans for Farmers Markets, CSA, the Café, making the pallets up for wholesale accounts, and for creating inventory reports for each and every box of fruit packed at Frog Hollow, as well as the fruit inventory of what is available to pack. With somewhere between 150 -200,000 boxes of fruit that leave the farm per year, this is a big responsibility. With just one full-time person on his team, he’s a busy guy.

At Frog Hollow most folks do quite a bit of flex work and help out with various tasks outside of their main responsibilities. Francisco also helps with quality questions in the packing line, sorts and stores supplies for mail order, organizes Add-Ons for CSA, and very importantly, organizes the packing shed for events!

Francisco most enjoys organizing the work and load flow for each day. Every day he makes sure all the boxes are in order and loaded onto the multiple delivery vehicles scheduled to arrive and depart at various hours. In the summer, his day starts around 6 am and by 12 pm most of the boxes are loaded. Francisco winds down after a day’s loading fury by doing the daily inventory of the fruit available for pack for the following day. This inventory helps Farmer Al decide where to send the fruits available. Farmer Al says Francisco’s meticulous, dependable, and conscientious work is an essential component of farm operations.

Francisco’s favorite fruits at Frog Hollow are the Brooks cherries and the Tarocco blood oranges. The next time you are enjoying a box of fruit from Frog Hollow, thank Francisco for his work getting it to you!