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Farm Focus: Our Win-Win Pruning Technique

As you've read in previous newsletters, we've been busy pruning our apricot trees for about the last month. Most pruning happens in the winter but we prune the apricots early when they still have foliage to avoid increasing the risk of brown rot, a fungal disease, which apricots are extremely susceptible to.

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Farm Focus: Citrus Update #2

As we mentioned in January, one of this year's big projects was planting mandarins, those sweet little cousins of the orange that are super sweet and packed with flavor. We have planted a few varieties of mandarins including Kishu, Owari and the crowd favorite: the clementine.

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Farm Focus: Biological Control of Codling Moth

At Frog Hollow we strive to employ Integrated Pest Management or IPM to reduce pest pressure before any major damage can be done. IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of controls. Controls typically fall under three categories:

 1. Cultural Control - these are physical controls like weed whacking the understory of the orchard to bring down problematic mite populations (more on that next week).

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