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Farm Focus: Holding Our Breath

Due to unfortunate weather events during spring bloom time in 2017 and 2018, we've taken a major hit on our apricot crop harvests. We thought 2017 was bad when we lost about 50% of our crop. This May, those numbers looked cheerful. We lost about 95% of our Goldensweet crop, which is our most important apricot variety. But, we are now looking at what we hope will be a silver lining to this spring's devastating loss.  

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Farm Focus: Fire Blight in the Apples

As we are all rejoicing over the arrival of our cherries, and though slim, apricots, we are at the same time lamenting about the discovery of extensive damage to our apple trees from fire blight.  

Fire blight is the result of an infection caused by the bacterium, Erwinia amylovora which can overwinter on a trees woody portions.  If conditions in the spring are warm and moist, as they were in the early spring this year when we were experienced a week of dewy mornings which turned into 80 degree days, the bacterium becomes highly activated and multiplies. 

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Farm Focus: Thinning Trees

Each year our stone fruit, apple and pear trees wake up from their winter slumber with a celebration of beautiful flowers that will become summer and fall fruit. Our tree crew is now in their third week of thinning trees, a yearly chore that takes a whole lot of time and skill. Only now is fruit large enough (nickel to quarter sized) for our staff to see their overall quantity and quality.

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