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Farm Focus: The Great Plum Mix-Up

In the late spring of 2017, we planted 800 new plum trees to increase our Emerald Beaut production. The Emerald Beauts are a late-season plum that you will all enjoy in the CSA boxes soon. They are a lovely soft shade of green with a firm texture and a crisp almost crunchy mouthfeel.  They are a sweet plum off the tree that continues to sweeten as they age.  The Emerald Beaut is a favorite at our Farmers Markets, with our wholesale accounts, and with many CSA members. 

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Farm Focus: Citrus Update #2

As we mentioned in January, one of this year's big projects was planting mandarins, those sweet little cousins of the orange that are super sweet and packed with flavor. We have planted a few varieties of mandarins including Kishu, Owari and the crowd favorite: the clementine.

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