2019 Spring Blossoms

Orchard in blossom.jpg

The wonderful blossom season has arrived in Brentwood so we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of the beauty with our Bay Area CSA members! This time of year can be make-or-break because our harvest season depends on successful pollination during this wet and windy time of year. We want as much rain as we can get but we also need sun and some warmth for bees to come out and fruit to set. While it can be stressful watching the Northern California weather forecast we are all comforted by the incredible beauty we are lucky enough to be surrounded by each day on the farm.

We've put together two slideshows on our blog for your spring time pleasure because they are worth seeing in full color! You can also view some of the other flora and fauna that calls our orchard home. We will keep this blog updated through the season so you can see the flowers as they unfold!

2019 Blossoms at Frog Hollow Farm

Flora & Fauna in the Orchard