Note from Rachel & Mario: Mexicola Avocado


Dear CSA Members,

Two years ago we planted some experimental avocado trees on the farm. Farmer Al told us that he chose to plant them in a particular spot, next to our Pakistani mulberries, because it was the highest point on the property and avocados need as much sunlight as they can get! At the time, we planted only 36 trees- a mix of different varieties: Fuerte, Stewart, Zutano, Bacon, Hass and last but not least.. Mexicola (our favorite new fruit at the farm!)

Not all of our avocado varieties produced or will produce fruit this year, since the trees are so young, but the Mexicolas bore 2 small avocados... and they were sensational. We were sad once we had eaten them, but by coincidence our Inventory Specialist, Michele, brought in a huge bag full of these tiny black avos to the farm! We have been going through them like crazy.

From afar these can be easily mistaken for Santa Rosa plums, but don’t let the small package fool you, the the flavor profile of the Mexicola are quite unique. A slight anise or licorice note, with a rich creamy texture and finish. The skin is thin, completely black, and smooth. It also happens to be completely edible. Not for making guacamole, but sliced and added handsomely to salads and on open faced sandwiches.

Because we love these Mexicolas so much, we ordered more trees to plant this upcoming winter. Just as many of the Mexican avocado cultivars are (as opposed to those of Guatemalan origin), the Mexicola tree is very cold-hardy and can withstand cool temps down to 20*F, which is important in our climate. The two main qualities we look for in avocado varietals are exquisite flavor and cold-hardiness. And the Mexicola is both! We’re excited to plant more of these trees and eventually have enough to share with you all.

Organically yours,

Chef Mario and Farmer Rachel