Farm Focus: Baking with Frog Hollow Olive Oil


Living in California, it’s only natural that I cook nearly everything in olive oil -it’s local, delicious, and the health benefits are countless. Every olive oil has different flavor notes. Some are bold and grassy, while others are light and fruity. Unlike many oils, olive oil tends to assert its presence in a dish, which is why it is important to taste your olive oil before putting it to use.

We all know that butter dominates the baking world, and I am not one to harp on it – because the flavor is delicious. However, knowing that olive oil has monosaturated fats with lots of antioxidants and vitamin E makes it refreshing substitute. When it comes to baking, it is best to go with a good quality olive oil with flavor notes that will come through but not over power the dish. For this recipe we used the 2012 olive oil from Frog Hollow Farm. The combination of the olive oil and the low sugar content helps the subtleties of the orchard ingredient really ring through.

To brighten the savory and floral elements of this cake we decided to pair it with Chef Becky’s citrus compote. The acidity of the oranges cut through the fat of the olive oil and the egg, while the sweetness and the body of the juice underscores the aromatics of the zest. This dish exhibits the essence of the winter orchard and makes for a most pleasurable culinary experience.