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A Note from Mario: March 18, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

One of my favorite places on the farm to visit is our experimental garden which is nestled in-between the rows of  citrus and blossoming peaches trees. It’s a calming and inspiring area that provides me with great joy and inspires creativity.  All the planning and work the farm team did for the garden last year is now coming in to fruition. The Spanish Roja garlic, the French grey shallots, Caraflex cabbage, Fiero Radicchio are just some the produce coming into focus.  Of all the beautiful crops that we grow in the garden, my current obsession is the favas.

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Note from Farmer Al: March 10, 2019

It is another nail biting transition from winter to spring here in Brentwood. We always want as much rain as possible but late rains in the Bay Area always mean higher risk for brown rot. Read this week’s Note from Farmer Al to learn about what we’re doing to give our early stone fruit crops the best chance.

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