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Farm Focus: Our Win-Win Pruning Technique

As you've read in previous newsletters, we've been busy pruning our apricot trees for about the last month. Most pruning happens in the winter but we prune the apricots early when they still have foliage to avoid increasing the risk of brown rot, a fungal disease, which apricots are extremely susceptible to.

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Farm Focus: Holding Our Breath

Due to unfortunate weather events during spring bloom time in 2017 and 2018, we've taken a major hit on our apricot crop harvests. We thought 2017 was bad when we lost about 50% of our crop. This May, those numbers looked cheerful. We lost about 95% of our Goldensweet crop, which is our most important apricot variety. But, we are now looking at what we hope will be a silver lining to this spring's devastating loss.  

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