Farm Focus: Feeling Fall at Frog Hollow Farm


Seasonal Changes at the Farm. 

Harvesting the Autumn Flame Peach

Times they are a-changing' and we’re getting ready for fall. Our crew is harvesting whatever is ripe from the Autumn Flame peaches and, in the afternoon, starting to shift gear towards pruning. This time of year we harvest fall our fall crops in the mornings but we will focus on pruning work until the Olive harvest in late October/early November.  Pruning makes up the bulk of our Fall & Winter work because we have so many trees! We start with the early bloomers like apricots because they need enough time to heal over the pruning cuts before the winter rain arrives. Then we move through all our favorites over the course of the tree’s dormant season. Staggering our pruning allows all of the trees to use their leaves while they have them for photosynthesis to store as much energy as possible in their roots so they can burst forth again next spring!  

Over in the kitchen, Jose and his team are relieved to be finishing up the outdoor work for the year. They are not only responsible for all of the delightful baked goods and preserves that come out of our kitchen but they also process all of the fruit for drying and freezing, which happens outside under tents during the peak of the season's heat. Now that all of the fruit has been processed he can start the busy work of making our famous preserves! They are especially popular gifts around the holidays so the kitchen team has a lot of work to do before the end of the year. But don’t worry the baking doesn’t take a bake seat! We’ll have our famous apple turnovers  (a favorite seasonal treat) along Apple Galettes, Apple Tartlets, and Pies. 

Chiles harvested for drying.

The flavors are changing in the veggie field too! We’re busy harvesting the last rounds of tomatoes and peppers. We’re trying something new this year. Our Cayenne peppers were so bounteous we have enough to dry so they have gone over to soak up some sun on our drying racks. We’re looking forward to having some summer heat packed away for a wet winter day. Soon enough we will be harvesting our various hard winter squash from Row 7 Seeds. We planted a TON more than last year and they are almost ready to be picked, cured and sent your way. We will share more info about these unique squash in the coming weeks but, for now, let’s just say we are all in for a wonderful autumnal treat! 

Farm FocusAlexa Senter