A Note from Farmer Al: August 5, 2019

Dear CSA members, 

It's Sunday morning and we're having Becky's family over for brunch, so Becky is in the kitchen slicing and dicing....mostly stuff from the garden: tomatoes, several kinds of peppers, garlic, red onions, and more. She's making Shakshuka, a Mediterranean dish. 

Looking at the recipe, (which can be found on page 66 of "Jerusalem, A Cookbook" by Yotam Ottolenghi, one of our favorite cookbooks) I realize that we grow 90% of the ingredients of this richly satisfying dish. But of course we do...Frog Hollow Farm is in a quintessential Mediterranean climate. 

The simple recipe calls for one special ingredients I didn't recognize but I love the name: "pilpelchuma". It's basically a Middle Eastern pepper-garlic paste used by Mediterranean cultures as an ingredient or a condiment much like the more widely known harissa. I'm going to ask Mario to make some with what we grow ourselves. If we can jar it up we could make it available to members on a weekly basis. 

So, guests are now arriving and I've to to run, but first I want to quickly recommend to all of you: pick up a copy of "Jerusalem". You'll be glad you did.