Farm Focus: Summer Bounty

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There are few things more wonderful than seeing a farmer hold up something they are proud of growing. Luckily we’ve gotten to see a lot of that this summer from Rene and our veggie garden. At this point, it feels silly calling it a garden because it has come so much more!


As you may know from visiting the farm during one of our CSA events, we have a lovely little garden by the packing shed that is home to a wide array of herbs and rotating fruits and veggies. This test garden has been a place where we can test crops and grow herbs for our kitchen crew to pick (hello Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers!). 

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The next iteration of the garden was a patch of land out near our main cherry orchard. It was a great spot for growing our summer veggie crops like tomatoes and cucumbers but after a few years in production and some very aggressive weeds it needed some time off. Plus a nice little rabbit population had settled in and they love the fresh green leaves of young seedlings. 

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This year we finally made the move to a larger patch of ground between our Warren Pears and the main road. It took some time getting everything established but boy-oh-boy has it taken of! 

You can see the pride in Rene’s face when showing off this beautiful and HUGE heirloom tomato from the garden last week. He and his crew have been working early days to avoid the heat to harvest and week ensuring a beautiful crop. While we don’t have the same weed and bunny issue in this area the ground squirrels are present and developed a taste for melons and hard squash. Luckily having more space to plant we’ve got enough to go around.

We are so excited to now be able to offer a huge array of fresh veggies for you and your family to enjoy along with your CSA subscription! We keep our CSA webstore updated with the latest and send out an email every Friday with what we’re harvesting the next week (check your promotions folder). 

Currently Harvesting: 

Rosa Bianca & Traviata Eggplant

Suyo Cucumbers

Early Girl Tomatoes 

Heirloom Tomatoes

Mini Heirloom Tomatoes

Red Ember Cayenne Peppers

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

Jalapenos Chiles

Serranos Chiles

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