Farm Focus: Support for Capay Mills

crop loss

crop loss

Our good friend and mentor for all things wheat, David Kaisel of Capay Mills, suffered significant losses to his facility in the recent Sand wildfire.  David is a leader in realizing a California based sustainable grain economy. David grows and mills many unique varieties of grains, including many heirloom varieties. He is passionate about preserving the nutritional integrity of the grain he grows and the health of the land it is grown on. His approach to production and processing differs greatly from the large scale commercial production of mono cropped, highly hybridized, synthetic input dependent grains which are milled in such a manner that much of the nutritional value is stripped from the product. 

In addition to growing and milling his own grains, David mills grain for many small to medium scale grain growers, including us. He's been instrumental in our developing grain program and advised us every step of the way for our first crop of Summit wheat - from harvest, to cleaning the grains, bagging them, storing them and finally milling them for us in small batches suited to our needs. We use three different style flours for our products:  whole wheat, in which the entire wheat berry is ground, and two different sifted flours. For the sifted flours, David takes the whole grain flour and then sifts it to create two different flours - the "the fines" or the starchy portion of the wheat comprised of the endosperm which we use in our granola, and the "middlings and brans" which contain, bran, endosperm, and germ, and have higher nutritional value. Our Scuffins and Wheat Heart Muffins feature both the whole wheat flour and the sifted "bran and middlings" flour. 

Capay Mills suffered over $12,000 worth of equipment and crop loss in the fire, of which his insurance only covered $2,500. He has a Go Fund Me campaign where donations of any size are welcome. If you'd like to donate to this campaign please visit:

Our Sonora Wheat will be ready for harvest soon. We, and many growers like us, need David's help in bringing our crops to market.