A Note from Farmer Al: July, 29 2019

Tomatoes are in and will be available for "add-ons" to your boxes. It's great to have a good crop, especially after last year's crop failure. And the quality is excellent. I've been eating the New Girl tomatoes for the last two weeks as they've started to come in and they are delicious.

I started growing tomatoes here about ten years ago just because I love tomatoes so much, and because I just wanted them on my table. And because my friend Deva Rajan from Moraga Garden had a few hundred extra plants of wonderful heirloom varieties.The diversity, the quality, and abundance of that first year's crop was spectacular. My most trusted foodie friends, one of whom is actually my partner ( an early investor, who lives in Berkeley) all said they were the BEST tomatoes they'd ever eaten.

Another reason I got hooked on tomatoes? They were my first successful crop way back in 1975 when I first started farming in Hawaii. Back then, the University of Hawaii plant breeding division had just developed a new tomato variety called N-69 which was adapted to the local conditions there in Hawaii.

Those tomatoes were such a thrill to grow. Farming was actually exhilarating! I would take them to the so called "People's Open Market" which was just being established as Hawaii's very first Farmers Market. Those tomatoes were so sweet and densely flavored that people would begin lining up 1/2 an hour before the Market opened to make sure they got theirs before I was sold out.

So be sure to order yours now, but don't worry, this year we'll have abundant supplies of tomatoes well into the Fall.