Farm Focus: Visiting the Farm


As you may have read in last week’s newsletter we are very excited to be working with LeftCoast Grassfed Beef, part of Tomkat Ranch, who produce the wonderful beef now available in our CSA webstore!. They are passionate about regenerative agriculture and we’re so happy to be able to share this very special meat with our members. A big way that farmers learn from each other is by dropping by for a tour so we were so happy to have a visit from 5 interns from TomKat last week for a morning on the farm.

tomkat ranch intern tour.jpg

Rachel started the tour portion of the day in the garden where we test out new veggies for our culinary program. As we worked our way through the orchard we had some great conversations about the advantages of our cover crop and how our Tree & Ground Crews work in tandem to manage weed abatement and harvesting throughout the year. One concept that kept coming up was DIVERSITY! As a farm managing pests and diseases organically we have to be nimble and flexible. From a farming perspective that means having a wide variety of fruit to harvest over the course of the season so that if one fails, another will be coming soon. It also means having ways to process fruit that can’t be sold at the market into delicious products like dried fruit, preserves and baked goods. Diversity is our greatest strength!

Rachel leading tour.jpg

The farm tour wrapped up at the compost piles where we discussed the importance of soil fertility and waste mitigation. Back at the packing shed we enjoyed freshly baked empanadas and one of Mario’s amazing summer salads for lunch with Lemon Verbena Tisane to wash it all down. It is always great to have folks visit the farm to see where their food comes from. All members of the CSA are invited to the farm three times a year for exclusive u-pick events in Summer and Fall and then our bee-themed Spring Orchard Walk in March. These events are free to members and their friends as a thank you for being part of our community. If you can’t make these events or are interested in coming out to see the farm with your school or business you are more than welcome to schedule a Field Trip or Farm Visit! These visits can be customized to the group with tours and activities for kids and adults. Learn how to Brix (test sugar levels) in our fruit, go on a Scavenger Hunt or enjoy a Chef Demo!

To learn more about setting up a Farm Visit click here.

Alexa Senter