A Note from Farmer Al: July 15, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

We're enjoying a bit of a lull here on the farm this week. Apricots are now completely picked, but with plenty of Goldensweets still in the cooler to enjoy for another week or so. On a bright note for you apricot lovers (like me!) this last week was the first pick of our newest apricot variety the Goshen Gold. The taste, texture, and sweetness (25 Brix) of this new addition to our long line up of apricots and apriums were stunning. The trees are still small so this year's harvest wasn't enough to include in CSA boxes, but next year there will be plenty. Developed by our friend and plant breeder Craig Ledbetter at the USDA (see Farm Focus May 23, 2016) the Goshen Gold variety is late maturing, ripening one week later than Goldensweets, thus extending our Apricot season well into July.

So again, we want to thank Craig Ledbetter for our deliciously long apricot season, beginning with his Apache variety on May 1 and running all the way to mid-July with Goshen Golds! To quote Maryjo, pastry chef at Chez Panisse "Gosh, those Goshens are tasty!"

Ripening with another of our stellar fruit is the Suncrest Peach, we know we have a dynamic duo of stonefruit which is joy incarnate!

Farmer A