Farm Focus: Summer Is Here


Now that summer solstice has passed we thought it would be a good time to get you an overview of what’s new this season for Frog Hollow Farm CSA

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LeftCoast Grassfed Beef 

TomKat Ranch is a foundation whose mission is to provide healthy food on working lands in a way that regenerates the planet and inspires others to action. They work to identify holistic agricultural solutions that improve soil health, climate stability, water quality and availability, animal welfare, human health, economic prosperity, and biodiversity. Their 5-year goal is inspiring 1 million acres of California rangeland to regenerative management. This means raising cattle in a way that sequesters carbon, treats animals humanely, improves soil health and water holding capacity, and increases the nutritional density of our food. 

As part of TomKat Ranch’s Fork to Farm Initiative, LeftCoast Grass-fed beef aims to identify best practices and barriers to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. Located in San Mateo County, LeftCoast Grassfed beef is where theory becomes reality with the goal of sharing experience and resources with other ranchers learning to use regenerative practices.  From utilizing every part of the animal to identifying roadblocks in getting this kind of meat to market, Leftcoast Grass-fed works to achieve TomKat’s mission and we are so happy to help support their important work. True grass-fed and finished beef is unique, nutrient-dense and delicious. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Garden Veggies 

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Over the last year, we’ve put a lot of effort into growing and improving our row crop fruit and vegetable production. We have faced issues ranging from adorable rabbits eating seedlings to wind and rain blowing away our mulch paper. The good news is that we’ve finally hit our stride in our new location on the farm and the crops are starting to roll in! New this week: Romano Beans, 7082 Cucumbers, Summer Squash and more. The tomatoes and chiles will be ready to harvest soon along with some new crops like eggplant and melon we hope to be able to offer as well. 

What’s Fresh

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Also new this season are more ways to order add-ons from Frog Hollow Farm! From fruit to veggies we’re working hard to keep out CSA Webstore stocked with everything you need for healthy, seasonal snacks and meals. Your favorite Frog Hollow Farm fruit is now available in 5 lb and 10 lb boxes so you can order extra for friends or make your favorite recipe. We send out a “What’s Fresh” email every Friday (check your promotions inbox) with updates and have added a “New to the Webstore” department in our store so the newest additions are easy to find. Don’t have an ordered scheduled but still want to pick something up? Just email us after you place your order and we will reschedule your delivery.

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