A Note from Farmer Al: July, 1 2019

Dear CSA members,

We are having an extravaganza of fruit right now with at least 5 or 6 varieties of really delicious fruit all ripen- ing at the same time!

Apricots: Goldensweet and Blenheim
Peaches: Flavorcrest and Red Top
Nectarines: Emeraude and Ruby Diamond
Aprium: Cot n Candy
Plums: Santa Rosa

I was ready for a "let down" when I finished my stash of Gold Dust peaches kept cold in the fridge, when
I bit into a Santa Rosa plum and my tastebuds were treated to a party of sweet, tart, juicy, succulent, scintillating taste sensations! That tart, tart skin is the perfect foil for the juicy golden flesh of this heirloom plum. Developed by Luther Burbank here in the early 1900's, he named it after his home town Santa Rosa. To this day I don't think there has ever been a better plum to eat. And what a beautiful tree it makes.

One of the fringe benefits is that this variety at bloom time is a wonderful pollinator of every other variety of plum or pluot and it's reliable. We've never had a crop failure of Santa Rosas.

The down side of Santa Rosa, for most farmers and re- tailers, is that they're really hard to handle, turning soft and squishy if not kept cold.

Here at Frog Hollow, we feel that the Santa Rosa plum is well worth the extra effort required to get it to you in the best condition possible.