A Note from Farmer Al: June 3, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

Fruit harvest is gaining momentum. We're now picking our newest variety of peaches, the Princess Time variety. Apricot and cherries (this week we'll have our RAinier Variety) continue, and our Pakistan Mulberries are coming into peak harvest.

Peaches - The Princess Time variety is now our earliest large peach variety, and its getting rave reviews for its juicy melting flesh and unusually sweet flavor.

Apricots - Kettleman, the sister variety to Apache, is picking this week. Kettleman is a very high acid apricot and requires a little patience and understanding. Let it sit on your kitchen counter for a few days to ripen and soften.

Cherries - Rainier is an old, treasured variety originally discovered in the Mt Rainier region of Washington. Its naturally "low acid" and high brix (sugar).

Mulberries - Pakistan Mulberries are new to the FHF and to the California consumers, but are an ancient, well known, and cherished fruit all over Asia. We believe they are destined to become a "favorite fruit" in the FHF community.

All my best and bon appetit!

Farmer Al