A Note from Farmer Al: June 17, 2019

Dear CSA Members, 

Happy Father's Day. 

I'm in Calistoga today celebrating Father's Day with Becky, Maddie and Millie. Its warm (81) and dry (low humidity) with just the right amount of breeze to keep things delightful! 

Weather has a profound effect on us humans! On a day like today, one feels a deep sense of well being, time seeming to stand still. It affects fruit as well, perhaps even more so. The rains we had on the weekend of May 17, 18, 19 had devastating impacts on our fruit, by activating the dreaded fungal disease commonly known as Brown Rot. We don't see it on the trees when we pick our fruit. We don't even see it when we pack it into your boxes.  But, traveling in the somewhat confined space of your box even for just a few hours, or overnight in your home and the fungal spores become activated and grow very fast. The moment I see brown rot on my fruit at home, I cut it out and enjoy eating the rest of the fruit. But I know many of you experience disappointment and we will gladly make it right for you by replacing your losses. 

The good news is that the weather is back to normal now and we believe the worst is behind us. 

And we're looking forward to hosting you all next Sunday 6/23 for our "Pick & Jam" event. The weather is predicted to be just like today... perfect! And we'll be picking the best peaches ever, the heirloom variety "Gold Dust." One of my personal favorite peaches to eat. 

Please join us.

All my best, 

Farmer Al