A Note from Mario: May 20, 2019


Dear CSA members, 

Onion Scapes.jpg

Our small little garden by the large packing shed is an incredible workhorse. Always providing those of us in the farm kitchen with inspiration and surprises. We grow many varieties of vegetables for use in the farm kitchen, our farm to table café in the ferry building, we also sell some through our CSA program and use them when we have impromptu events on the farm.

We love eating root-to-stem on the farm, it’s not only a great way to avoid waste, but the benefits can also be delicious and nutritious. Fava beans have many stages of edible growth. The flowers, the leaves, and the entire pod can be eaten when they are still young and tender. The greens on top of carrots can be made into pesto or thrown into soup last minute to add a bit of a fresh note. Beet tops are delicious when blanched in boiling salted water and simply sautéed with good olive oil and minced green garlic. Flowering arugula can be used as an eye-catching garnish and also comes with a pungent punch of arugula goodness.

Of all the extra uses we find with our garden vegetables, our current favorite must be the onion scape. Onion scapes are the flower stalk of the onion plant and the thinking is, that if you remove the flower bud, the plant can put its energy into making the bulb. So far, we’ve pickled them in a light vinegar solution, sautéed quickly to add them in omelets and have even added them in soups we make for our CSA. Farmer Al likes to sauté them with fava beans to eat for a light supper.  We can’t get enough of the scapes and can’t wait for the scapes that are budding on the shallots and garlic!