Note from Farmer Al: March 10, 2019

Golden Sweet Trees in Blossom .jpg

Dear CSA Members,

It's been the Battle of Apricot Blossom Blight (aka brown rot) here for the last two weeks, and it's not over yet! John Papini is new to Frog Hollow Farm but he's a "pro" when it comes to farming orchards here in Brentwood. Born into a Brentwood farm family, he grew up in farming and has been doing it all his life. And he's passionate about protecting our apricots with an aggressive spray program. Timing is critical in the application of sprays to protect apricots. It's about beating the next incoming storm with spay coverage on the blossoms to prevent fungal or bacterial pathogens from destroying the crop.

So now with John P marshaling equipment, personnel and materials, we're able to spay all 33 acres of our apricots in under 5 hours. And this year is a classic "brown rot" year, with constant pressure of wet weather for the last three weeks. It's the "worse case scenario" for apricots.

So thanks go to John Papini, if we're lucky enough to have apricots this year. We've had two bad years in a row. We can't afford to take yet another apricot loss. And we'll be another 2-3 weeks yet before we know.

We'll keep you up to date. Oh, and BTW, today was to have been our "Spring Stroll" Day. Good thing we canceled, It was another rainy, muddy day here on Frog Hollow Farm.

Farmer Al