This Week's Box: February 11, 2019

Minneola Tangelo
Twin Girls Farm, Dinuba, CA
The Tangelo is a cross between a mandarin and grapefruit. Its skin is easy to peel and its flesh is a deep orange, tender and juicy with a rich and sweet tart flavor.

Taracco Blood Oranges
Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood, CA
A beautiful orange to deep red flesh is revealed when you slice open a Tarocco. The flesh of the blood orange is firm- er and more dense than an orange and its flavor is a little more tart. These beauties sweeten and darken in color as the season progresses.

Pink Lady Apples
Smit Farm, Linden, CA
Pink Lady Apples are a cross between the Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. They are a crisp and juicy apple with a tart finish. Pink skins and a creamy white colored flesh that resists browning make this an excellent apple for salads and slicing.

Fuerte Avocado
Ray Brown, Valley Center, Ca
A California variety prized by specialty growers for it’s ability to withstand freezing and was aptly named “Fuerte” or strong in Spanish. It has a smooth, thin, grass green skin with pale green flesh. Fuerte are less oily than a Hass, but are rich and nutty in flavor.

Navel Oranges
Olsen Organic Farm, Lindsay, CA
California Navel Oranges are considered to be the best Navels
for eating out of hand. They have a thick skin that is easy to
peel, are seedless and have a sweet flesh that makes them a
perfect snack.

All Varieties Are Subject To Change