A Note from Farmer Al: February 11, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

Blossoms are beginning and the color is coming back to the farm. Joyful color, that is. For months it has only been grays, dark gray, gray-black and brown; pale green and yellow-green. Not exactly depressing, but definitely not uplifting either. But from now until all the way to autumn the farm will be an ever-changing, sometimes surprising, always beautiful kaleidoscope of radiant colors.

It begins with the grass, so intensely green, beckoning you to walk, to linger, to dream, to merge with the landscape, the distant hills, and horizons!

The red buds of apricots will blossom into soft, feathery fragrant white flowers, buzzing with bees and insects, precursors to the bounty of summer fruit which follow.

And so begins the cascade flowers, fruit, and delicious food. Plums and pluots are next in dazzling, snowy white. Nature is awesome in its abundance and each tree produces a million flowers to ensure enough offspring (fruit) to reproduce itself. We are all beneficiaries of this bounty.

And just when pluots are at their floral peak, here come the peaches and nectarines decked out in pink blooms and the most beautiful sight of them all.

Keep watch for your Blossom Walk announcement, our spring CSA member event, and put it on your calendar! It's always the first Sunday in March.

All my best.

Farmer Al