A Note from Farmer Al: February 18, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

Yesterday, as I was driving back o the farm from the Saturday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, I saw a massive cluster of black clouds just east of Concord over the range of foothills that includes it Mt. Diablo. I say "cluster" but it was massive: probably 40,000 ft high and 30 miles wide, a huge thunder- storm. As I drove east on Highway 4, doing 70 miles an hour, this storm stayed well ahead of me.

I literally chased it all the way to the farm but not even one drop of rain hit my windshield. When I got home I could se that the farm had just gotten drenched, and here off in the distance about 30 miles to the southeast I could still see the monster of a water. I had been in full sunshine the whole time.

Further to the east was a magnificent sight. The vast Sierra Nevada mountains were completely covered by billowy white clouds gleam- ing in the afternoon sunlight. I sat there a long while, lost in the beauty and majesty of nature.