A Note from Farmer Al: January 28, 2019

Dear CSA Members,

Last week, I was driving my farm vehicle (Becky’s old Yukon) giving a tour of the farm to our newest hire, Alex Grant (more about Alex later). It was one of those very windy days we had last week and the roads were finally dry enough after the recent rains. The air was crystal clear. Rachel Sullivan was with us and when I rounded a corner heading east she exclaimed: “are those clouds over the Sierras??”

I looked up and saw an amazing sight… “Oh my God! That’s “ the crystal range”, I exclaimed. I was instantly taken back in time…. 60 years back, to the days of my youth, as a boy scout in Troop 23, of Berkeley, I used to spend 3 weeks of every summer in the wilderness of Desolation Valley, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The “Crystal RAnge is a 10,000-foot high range of about 5-6 peaks, about 10 miles in length. It forms the western boundary of the Desolation Valley. I used to scramble up its slopes “like a mountain goat!” I bragged to Rachel and Alex.

Then they began to tell me about their experiences in Desolation Valley. I could not believe that serendipitous moment. There we were, standing on the soil of our farm, looking 200 miles to the east and seeing the mountains we all knew. It was a rare clear day and the Crystal Range was covered in recent snow, standing out boldly, towering above the rest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We were all struck by the beauty and the grandeur of it all.

Farmer Al