A Note from Farmer Al: September 3rd 2018

It's September already.  Seems like only a few weeks ago we were just beginning to pick summer fruit, with our first ever mulberries, and now we're saying goodbye to the Cal Red peaches. We still have the Summersets and the Autumn Flames to look forward to, as well as a month of the Emerald Beaut plums to please our taste buds. Then the Flavor Fall and Flavor Treats, our two latest pluots which will be the final curtain call on summer fruit. 

But Autumn has its delights. The Warren pears have been picked and I'm pleased to report the harvest was good. Not quite as much fruit as our record 2017 crop. But certainly enough to keep us going till Christmas. Pink Lady apples are also looking good this year and will delight you, especially your kids, if your family comes to the farm for our apple picking festivity on Sunday, October 21st. 

Farmwork is shifting from "getting in the harvest" to "getting ready for next years crop". Planning has begun in earnest with the Goldensweet apricots. Since the trees had no crop load this year, the branch growth is excessive and pruning costs will probably double. But I love this time of year. The pressure of picking ripe peaches gives way to the mellow pace of trimming trees. 

Yesterday at the Ferry Building Farmers Market a woman asked me a thoughtful question: "What do you like most about your farm and its landscape?" My answer: The views of the Sierras, the growth of the trees, the sweetness of the fruit, the golden sunsets.