A Note from Mario


Dear CSA Members,

My daily work commute from San Leandro to Brentwood takes about 50 minutes, which is fairly mild in the bay area and I truly enjoy the “me” time. I also get to drive through a picturesque back road of rolling hills of wind farms and cows feeding on pasture, while listening to my curated playlist on my iPod.

But back in mid-June, the beginning of Frog Hollow Farm’s stone fruit season, it was cooler.  These days in Brentwood can average around 91- 95 degrees and top off around the low 100s between 3-5pm every afternoon during the late summer.  Our offices are nice and air-conditioned but, out in the orchard, things can get hot quick and nothing can sap your energy like the summer sun.

We all take extra care to have plenty of liquids, wear large straw hats and extra clothing, and look out for one another when we are out working outside. Although this environment can be taxing on the human body, our fruit benefits from both the extreme heat and the cooling off at night that Brentwood enjoys.  But I also believe our fruits benefit from the care, the love and the dedication of our little farm family provides. I can taste in each crop we harvest, I can taste it in our jams, our pastries, our ice cream sandwiches and I can taste it when I drive back home on Vasco Road with all my window rolled down, in my air condition-less car, without a care in the world, eating a handpicked Summerset peach.

Organically yours,