A Note from Rachel: September 10th 2018


Dear CSA Members,

As you may know, we planted a handful of new and unique vegetable varieties this summer from the Row 7 Seed Company. Row 7 is a chef-breeder collaboration between Dan Barber (of Blue Hill restaurant in NY), Michael Mazourek (Cornell University plant breeder) and seedsman Matthew Goldfarb. This group has spent the last decade perfecting these veggies, breeding for deliciousness as their top priority.

At Frog Hollow, we planted five of the Row 7 varieties this summer. Farmer Al already introduced you to the Cucumber 7082 and now… the Robin’s Koginut Squash!

Back in April, we seeded 50 Koginut squash seeds. In May, they were transplanted into 2 beds in our small experimental garden. Now, 3 months later they are coming in nicely! What’s cool about these squash is that they have a built-in “ripeness indicator,” meaning that the squash turn from green to brown when they are ripe, unlike many squash varieties which stay brown throughout their entire life on the vine. Our first round of Koginuts transformed into a vibrant orange color a few weeks ago! 

This stately, pint-sized squash has a creamy smooth texture and a sophisticated flavor profile (like a combination of butternut and kabocha without the overbearing squashiness you find in some gourds) that couples incredibly well dressed with brown butter, Maldon salt and a splash of lemon juice, when roasted whole in the oven. The skin pulls away easily from the flesh and the skin even has a pleasant taste. We also enjoyed the heady aroma that filled our farm kitchen when cooking with them! 

We are thrilled because our first pick of Koginuts are going to be served for Governor Brown and a group of climate scientists at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this week. Our next round of Koginuts that ripen on the vine are destined for you all!