A Note from Farmer Al: August 6th 2018

Dear CSA members,

Not too hot ( for Brentwood only 92 F) but muggy. And smokey. I haven't watched the news lately but it must be coming from the Carr fire up north. Mornings are horrible, can't even see Mt. Diablo. It's smoggy. Haven't used that word in decades. Hard to believe that it used to be like this every day decades ago in the Bay Area and even out here in the Central Valley. 

Harvesting has kicked into high gear. Suddenly six or seven different varieties of fruit are ripening all at once. We're picking two varieties of yellow peaches, Opal white peaches, one nectarine variety, and three pluot varieties.  And in another week we'll be picking our
Warren pears as well. Today I drove through the Warren orchards just to verify that they're not ready yet. What I'm looking for is a color change in the fruit...dark green skin turns to light green even yellowish green. And the definitive indication of ripeness in Warren is fruit on the ground. Warrens get heavy when ripe. They're dense which is one reason they're so good. They fall to the ground. At that point, we have to really move fast to pick. So far we're okay, but it's another big crop, probably second only to last year's record crop. 

In fact, the wind just came up, soI'm going back out there right now to see if pears are dropping. 

Bye for now,

Farmer Al