A Note from Farmer Al: August 13th 2018

Dear CSA members,

Today I'm recommending a very interesting and timely blog..."California Weather Blog", written by Dr. Daniel Swain found at weatherwest.com

In his most recent blog, he states that July 2018 was the hottest month in history for California. Most of the records broken were more in Southern California but Northern California has been hardest hit by wildfires and extremely unhealthy air quality issues due to the massive and persistent smoke spreading across the region. Another unusual condition is warmer temperatures in the coastal waters, producing "muggy" air quality more typical of Eastern seaboard states. Here on the farm 95F historically has been tolerable because the humidity was so low. Not this year! It's been miserable. Workers want to go home by 2:30 pm. We've had to hire contract labor just to get the fruit picked on time. 

The good news is the fruit is sweeter than ever. Is that because of the weather? Or because of the way we nurture the soil? Or something else....

Farmer Al