A Note from Trinity: July 30th, 2018

This week's note comes from Trinity, who you might know from our Farmers Market stands around the bay area, who visited the Fully Belly Farm summer camp last week and came back full of inspiration.

About 25 adolescent campers are lined up in a packing shed, a few dishing out melons, a few on tomatoes, others on garlic, peppers, peaches, and basil. Sweat beading down their faces, past the enormous, enthusiastic smiles they’ve held throughout the day. Water bottles draining, refilling, voices gleefully shouting and reminding everyone to “drink more water!” Within the hour, these teens packed nearly 400 CSA boxes and learned just part of what it takes to maintain a successful farm. Sweat well-earned, each camper was handed a popsicle as we all galloped down to the river, only to continue on the big-smile marathon.

In the triple-digit heat, everyone scurried into Cache Creek, including assistant farmer, Rachel Sullivan, and myself--both of us diving in, shorts and all, just to cool off. This was the winding-down of the day, the moment everyone got to relax, chat, and take it all in before dinner and a bonfire. Covered in dirt from helping harvest carrots in the field, the river was a much-needed rinse off. The youth waded about, talking about pop culture, what part of the Bay they live in, and how much they love food. This was the Full Belly summer camp for teens.

Organized, fun, and educational, Frog Hollow envisions one day opening a day camp with similar structure. Hands on in the kitchen, field, packing shed, and even conducting their own mini farmers’ market, these teens get a taste of how much effort (and fun!) go into successful agriculture, hopefully encouraging the youth to further explore this wholesome path.

As I sit here in my (still) wet shorts writing this, I am overcome with joy at how warm, welcoming, and joyful everyone was today. Counselors were laughing and prancing just as much as the campers were. This is just one more ingredient Frog Hollow needs to further inspire the community, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

Organically Yours,

Trinity Murchie
Frog Hollow Farm Farmers Market Coordinator