A Note from Chef Becky

Dear CSA Members,

               You may have seen the beautiful pictures Pearl and Mario took of our ice cream sandwiches on Instagram. You may have tried them at the Pick n’ Jam last month here on the farm. Maybe even some of you were lucky enough to get one of the very few mulberry ice cream sandwiches that we made out of our first mulberry crop. They were amazing and part of a trio of apricot, and chocolate cherry ice cream sandwiches that we started making in earnest this summer. The newest flavor just previewed this last Saturday, was plum. Al says it’s his favorite flavor yet.

               We began making ice cream sandwiches last fall with peaches and our newly made graham crackers. Because the graham cracker was a little too strong for the mulberry, apricot and cherry ice creams, we make a different, sweeter cracker/cookie that is doesn’t interfere with the fruity flavor of the ice cream. Most importantly, it is soft when you bite into it and doesn’t let the ice cream escape through the wide end of rigid, ice cream sandwich fulcrum. So annoying! I think we got it right. The cracker/cookie is thin and has a short crumb that softens slightly when it freezes, making it the perfect foil for the fruit ice cream. The cherry ice cream is sandwiched between and a dark chocolate wafer which has the same texture and so, it too stays in place whilst you bite. The cherry chocolate combo is reminiscent to me of one of my favorite ice cream flavors, Ben and Jerry’s Cherries Garcia.

               I love ice cream. And I love ice cream sandwiches because they are portable, they can be eaten with one hand, and they don’t require utensils. Can’t wait to make the pear caramel ice cream sandwiches (in ginger cookies)…


Chef Becky