A Note from Farmer Al: July 16th 2018



Dear CSA members,

One of the surprises of 2018 is cucumbers! I've grown a small patch of an experimental variety labeled "1082 cucumber" from Row 7 Seed Company in Upstate NY, a company built on a "chef-breeder" collaboration dedicated to creating varieties of vegetables which are delicious and nutritious! We've now planted small gardens of some of their new varieties and the 1082 cucumbers are the first to harvest. We couldn't be more pleased.  These cukes are crunchy, juicy and sweet with a slight bitterness, making them delicious and satisfying. Unlike most cucumbers I've tasted, they're far from boring. We've enjoyed them in a variety of different salads, combined with tomatoes, onions, goat cheese, etc.  Next idea is to try grilling them and serve them with grilled Zee Lady peaches. 

Next summer we'll definitely plant enough to include a share in your CSA boxes. I'm sure you'll all be as surprised and delighted as I am.