Recipe: Cucumber and Peach Salad


This recipe comes from Bon Appetit's Senior Food Editor Andy Baraghani who laments that not all peaches have the flavor of a Frog Hollow peach. He says this recipe can help a lesser peach compensate for what it lacks in inherent flavor.  With our peaches, it is sure to be outstanding. 


3 medium Persian cucumbers 

2 ripe peaches

Juice of 1 lime

good quality flakey sea salt

Aleppo pepper or hot sauce

Cilantro or tarragon leaves

Slice or smash cucumbers and place in a bowl.  Cut peaches in half and then cut into wedges, removing the pit. Add peaches to the bowl along with the lime juice. Pinch on the flakey salt and then dust with the Aleppo pepper or drizzle a little hot sauce.  Add fresh cilantro leaves.