A Note from Farmer Al: July 2 2018

Dear CSA members,

This week has been a kind of "break-through" week for me in getting two very critical things done, and done well! One was spending money (investing in the future) and one was making money (cash flow to pay for current operations and hopefully a little profit to pay for the investment). 

The "spending part was the most fun...planting trees.  This past Thursday and Friday we planted about 1,000 mandarins, and they look great. This Tuesday we'll plant about 400 more and then we'll be done planting trees this year. All in all, about 56,000 new trees were planted in 2018. 

The "making money" part was picking the last of our record crop of Santa Rosa plums.  This year the weather was very cooperative...no heat waves to over-ripen the fruit combined with heavy wind to knock them onto the ground, a scenario we've experienced all too often in previous years. And the quality has been the best ever as well. With a delicious sweet-tart flavor, the customer response has been good for this rare heirloom plum no longer found in stores. A farmers dream-come-true!

All the best,

Farmer Al