A Note from Farmer Al: June 25 2018


We're "sooo" thankful that the heat wave fizzled out. Today was the CSA Peach Pick and Jam and it only got up 93 F. That's definitely a very warm day, but nothing like the 105 F of this past Saturday. 

Over 200 people came out to the farm today and I'm sure about half of them were children under 10.  Lots of laughter and kids running everywhere. There was joyfulness in the air as families picked peaches filling their baskets with nearly ripe fruit. It was such a pleasure to see little children of three, four, five years old running - arms overflowing with peaches - to fill their families baskets, screaming with delight and then running back for more. 

Back in the packing shed folks enjoyed lunch to the bluegrass music of our friends Corbin and Morey from Berkeley who have been entertaining us for 5 years now. 

And I led two tours into the orchards to
reveal the mysteries of how Frog Hollow fruit is grown organically. 

All in all, it was a perfect day.