A Note from Chef Becky: June 11, 2018


Dear CSA Members,

This last Saturday was the debut of our ice cream sandwiches at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We featured four flavors: peach in our graham crackers, cherry in a chocolate wafer, and apricot and mulberry, each in a not too sweet vanilla cookie-like cracker. The ice cream instigation really started with the mulberries; they came on quick and had to be used right away. Unfortunately, we only had enough for one batch of ice cream. Mario and I perfected the process of lightly cooking the mulberries with a little sugar, then passing it through a food mill, only to find that there weren’t any more mulberries to play with. We cannot wait to use more of these in the coming years! Mario sold the ice cream sandwiches at the Farmers’ market last Saturday with great success. Look for these and our popsicles at the Pick ‘n Jam event on the farm, Sunday the 24th. 

Even though apricots and cherries were very light this year, it still feels like the farm is very busy. As you may have noticed we aren’t attending all the Farmers’ Markets yet, as we haven’t been able to be in full swing until the peaches come on in earnest, which should be this week with Gold Dust. The Gold Dust are a delicious early peach, they are like a little Cal Red. Often the early fruit has a firmness like the Crimson Ladys or stringy flesh like the Queencrest, but the Gold Dust has great texture and flavor. Its only flaw is that it doesn’t size-up. It is also problematic because it has a tendency to drop when they ripen. Nonetheless we are excited for their arrival. 

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, the 24th!