A Note from Chef Mario


I started my position here at Frog Hollow a little over 3 months ago and every one of those days I have been filled with giddy excitement. The farm changes every single day. The canals were dry to the bone on my first day of work and now it is a flowing river. The farm kitchen fills the air with smells of sweet and buttery pastry dough to savory aromas of cooked leeks and mushroom. 


Our vegetable garden that began as a quiet buzz, is now overfilling with life, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors and shape. A small but dedicated group of winter team members are now swelling in numbers and chatter around the time clock and water cooler is getting louder by the day. The space heaters are beginning to collect dust, as S.J covers herself up in her handmade blanket to keep warm from the air-conditioner that is directed right towards her. 

My favorite moments so far have been when they bring in boxes of just-picked fruit back to the shed area and everyone stops what they are doing to go and admire what Mother Nature and Father Time have brought us.  

I love what I do, but I love it even more that I get to do it at Frog Hollow Farm.