Note From Farmer Al

Dear CSA members,
We’re planting trees today. I’m watching every tree go in the ground to ensure the planting is done carefully. There are several steps that our planting team need to follow to be sure the trees have a good start.

One of the things we do at planting time is to wash and trim the bare roots of the tree. This
trimming removes broken or damaged roots. The remaining healthy roots are then sprayed
with galltrol to prevent “crown gall” infections, as is seen in the picture. (See last week’s note for more information on crown gall. The peach variety we’re planting today is a new Dave Wilson Nursery release. It has really abundant long (8-10”) roots, which is great.

However, it requires additional work on our end. While some of the men wash and trim, others dig the holes into which we place the trees. Because this variety of peach has such abundant roots, our guys have to work extra hard to dig holes wide and deep enough to accommodate the large roots.

How the trees and roots are placed into each hole is also very important. Tree roots need to be pointing down. To get the roots to do this we need the hole to be sufficiently deep and
have ample space around the roots. Once we’ve placed the tree in the hole, we backfill it with soil and then pull the tree upward. The weight and friction of the soil pull the roots down into the correct position.
To good growth!
Farmer Al