Note From Farmer Al:

Dear CSA members,
So as always, it’s all about the weather! And today it even washed out our beloved “Spring Stroll” event. This is shaping up to be one of the weirdest weather years I can remember. And it’s got me worried about blossoms, bees, and pollination. During pollination, there’s nothing nicer than warm dry weather. Bees like it warm. They move faster, touching down on many more blossoms.
They don’t like cold wet conditions, which is what we’ve been getting since March 1st.
Temperatures also affect growth. Cold temperatures in January and even February would have been good, just what the trees need. But in March, trees need warmth to grow. Our current weather is backward, just opposite of what the trees really need. Three weeks ago the Apache apricots were blooming VERY early, signaling to me that is would be a record early ripening year. I predicted at that time that all varieties would be picking at least two weeks early. But cold weather these last two weeks has slowed everything down. My best guess now is that this years harvest will actually be a couple of days late.

But after 6 years in a row of climate changed irregular weather, I can’t even remember what “normal’ looks like anymore.

All the best,

Farmer Al