A Note from Farmer Al: March 12, 2018

Dear CSA Members,

It was an exciting week for me. We finished planting 50 acres of new orchards, almost 10,000 trees. In fulfilling this effort, by far the most ambitious undertaking to plant new orchards since I planted my first 5 acres in January 1976, was aided by weather, the driest February in history. These new orchards are envisioned to expand the diversity of our fruit even more by providing new varieties of stone fruit and citrus available from Christmas to Cherry harvest in early May.

And we’re adding other new items sure to please your discerning palates: 20 acres of Almonds and 4 acres of mulberries. We even have an experimental small grove of Avocados in the ground.

Many thanks to my crews whose skill, dedication and hard work made it all go very smoothly.

All my best,

Farmer Al