A Note From Farmer Al - March 26, 2018

Dear CSA members,
It's the best Brooks cherry bloom I've seen in years. Every tree is a billowy white cloud of flowers swarming with bees. Their buzzing is a primeval hum that mesmerizes, calling us back to some deep longing in our subconscious. And a budding hope that finally, this year, we will have a bountiful crop of Brooks cherries, my favorites.

I'm out here in the cherry orchard with my pruning crew on a mission. To prune out old wood and make way for the newer, vigorous young branches thrive and grow. Younger growth produces larger, sweeter cherries. And to renew a little bit each year
the tree's structure. The pruners remove branches in the middle to produce an open vase-shaped tree structure that allows the morning, mid-day, and afternoon sunlight to reach every leaf, energizing uniform growth throughout the tree canopy.

The ground crew is also working here not too far beyond the tree team. The muffled whine of their weed whackers engines is a counterpoint to the ancient murmuring of bees.

I'm suddenly dreaming of warm cherry pie....