A Note From Farmer Al: April 2, 2018

Happy Easter. And such a beautiful one. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere in the orchard painting splashes of color on the deep green grass. My favorites are the California poppy, glowing golden in the warm late afternoon sunlight.

And the "Ray Hawthorn" Ceanothus are spectacular this year. Fifteen feet tall and equally round they are covered in lavender blue flowers so intense that they mesmerize the imagination, even as their many bee visitors beckon you to stop stay a while and
All this beauty is almost enough to make me forget the harsh treatment of nature, but then I drive up and down the many rows of Goldensweet apricots, and struggle in vain to find even one piece of fruit on any tree. Reality returns as I realize that our crop
isn't there and a deep disappointment sets in. And to add insult to injury, the apricots are infected with brown rot fungus again this year! So we'll have to meticulously prune it out or it will be even worse next year.

I love apricots and I'm planting lots more of them on new ground. And praying that climate change will not prove that apricots are just never going to be a good fruit to grow here.