Farm Focus: Wheat Does Double Duty

We do a lot of long range planning at the farm. We are thinking ahead to 2020 with a new wheat crop and a new orchard in the plan.  As you may know, we harvested our first wheat crop of Summit 515, in June 2017.  The Summit 515 is a hard red wheat and an excellent all purpose whole wheat flour. We've developed three baked goods
featuring the Summit wheat - the Blueberry WheatHeart Muffins, Whole Wheat Seeded Crackers, and Honey Graham Crackers. We also have or own whole wheat flour for your baking needs. 

This week are planting 20 acres of newly acquired ground in Patwin 515, a hard white spring wheat, which is better suited for pastry. The Patwin will be harvested in June 2019.  This new planting will serve multiple functions. It will provide us with another harvest of wheat which we will use in our kitchen, as well as sell on the wholesale grain market, and it will also help improve the soil quality for a new orchard. 

While the wheat is growing, the roots will open up the soil to provide more aeration and allow for increased water holding capacity. After we harvest the seed heads of the wheat, we will go through the field and mow down the
residue which is left standing. The mower will shred the
residue into a fine layer of organic matter that will add carbon and microbes to the soil as it biodegrades over the summer. 

Fall of 2019 brings us into phase two of preparing the soil. We will deep rip the soil and add amendments like compost and ground oyster shell for additional fertility before planting the orchard in the winter of 2020.  

You'll hear more about our Patwin wheat as we move through the phases of our plan! In the meantime, try some of our whole wheat flour or baked goods. We think you'll love them.